Perhaps one of the most amazing things we’ve observed has been the response from the schools that have visited. We thoroughly expected these young kids to be bored to tears touring through a museum. They were fascinated! They asked dozens of questions. We’ve even had several of the students come back with their friends to tour the museum on their own time.

The rarest Tombstone photos known to exist is now on display at the museum. A 5 X 7" photo of the "Cow Boys" all together mounted on their horses. The Clanton boys, the McLaury brothers, Billy Claiborne and a few other notorious cowboys pose for C. S. Fly’s camera. The only other known picture of Billy Clanton was taken in his coffin.

Also featured in the museum are many mining artifacts and photos - which was Tombstone’s reason for existing. Ed Scheiffelin founded the Tombstone Mine in 1878. By 1879 the boom was on and people rushed to the area hoping to find their bonanza. Wyatt Earp loved the mining industry and pursued it all his life. His last mine, "The Happy Days" was located near Parker, Arizona. Many relics from the mine and his camp are on display at the museum.

Law and Order is represented with an abundance of badges, hand cuffs, guns and documents on display from well-known lawmen and towns. Tombstone had a very progressive fire department - after the town burned down the second time! The museum boasts an original fire badge and a fire hat from Tombstone’s 1880's fire department - plus several 1880's photos of Tombstone firemen.

This museum has now been open a year and a half and is a non-profit corporation. It has been used by the History Channel for 2 programs and we have just recently been featured on a PBS program. An original 1900 ledger records guest’s addresses (which represent just about every country in the world) along with their comments, which range from an exuberant "Awesome!" to lengthy and detailed praises.


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