This museum is a celebration of Tombstone’s past and the people who made its history. Historians and collectors all over the country have been anxiously awaiting this museum to open. After many years the dream has finally materialized. The 3,000 square foot building houses a collection that is second-to-none of Tombstone, Western, Lawman and Outlaw memorabilia, most of which has never been on public display before. As one historian commented, no one thing, since the shootout at the OK Corral , has done more to preserve the history of Tombstone than this museum.

A special feature of the museum is a large collection of personal items that belonged to Wyatt and Virgil Earp as well as numerous unpublished photos of the Earps.

In the world of Tombstone historians, John Gilchriese has long been acknowledged as The Expert. He started visiting and interviewing former residents of Tombstone in the 1930's and it is only through his avid pursuit of history that we have most of the documents and photos that exist today. One of the most outstanding friendships Mr. Gilchriese enjoyed was that of John Flood, who died in the 1950's. Flood was Wyatt Earp’s secretary, confidante and best friend for many, many years. He inherited all of the Earp’s belongings and in turn, passed them on to John Gilchriese who opened his Wyatt Earp Museum in Tombstone in 1966. After several successful years he closed the museum. We feel like we’ve picked up the torch from him in preserving Tombstone’s history. Many of the photos and documents that are on display have been purchased from Mr. Gilchriese over the years.

A noted historian once said, "Most museums feature only 1 great, important item. Yours has so many important, historical artifacts that it is almost overwhelming!" It does take some people several trips to fully absorb the contents of this museum - and there is constantly more things being added! The cases and displays are filled with enough artifacts that even tourists that are not fascinated with history, can enjoy their time in the museum.


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