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Apache Indian Warriors" taken by a Bisbee photographer (new Tombstone) around 1882
Reference Number: 100


Item Name: Unidentified cowboys branding
Item Number: 101
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Item Name: caption - 1880's Billiard Hall Poster of rules. Original came from Kansas City.
Item Number: 102
Price: $$35.00

Item Name: Tombstone - 1882
Item Number: 103
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Item Name: We are very pleased to have available 2 of Michael Hickey's wonderful trilogy of the Gunfight near O. K. Corral. These have been out of print and unavailable for several years. You will not find a better, more accurate moment by moment description of that fateful day - and its aftermath than these books! We have received on limited supply and don't know if any more will be available.
Item Number: 104
Price: $$35.00 ea.


Item Name: Reprints of our museum's original photos that are on display. Many of these are one of a kind. All are printed on heavy paper and measure 11 X 17" and are encased in heavy, archival plastic sleeves.
Item Number: 105
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OWN A PEICE OF AUTHENTIC WYATT EARP MEMORABILIA !  I personally picked up these ore samples and wood and put them together for a really neat desk display. This comes with a letter of authenticity from the Tombstone Western Heritage Museum.

Around 1908 Wyatt located the "Happy Days" mine while on his way from California with Josie. The mine is between Vidal, California and Parker, Arizona. Wyatt and Josie spent the last 20 winters of his life working this mine and living in this camp.


From the "Happy Days" mine, located just mile up the wash from the camp, I selected the ore from in front of the mine shaft. These ore samples are unique as no 2 are alike.

The wood and the nails for the display I gathered from the remains of the wood cabin Wyatt and Josie used at the Happy Days camp site. Many years ago the building was moved to the tiny town of Earp, (named after Wyatt), where it slowly rotted away and recently burned. This is the tongue & groove floorboards of the old cabin.

Item Number: 106
Price: $$55.00 + shipping