Labor Day Weekend was a busy one! For the past several years the museum has hosted a full weekend of fun for our friends and clients. This year was no different. Friday evening we met at the museum to the oldest Protestant Church in Arizona. It was established with Rev. Peabody at the helm in 1881. The magnificent stained glass windows came around the Horn - and still not one pane is cracked! Mrs. Louis Campbell, who resides in the original rectory house next to the church, Gave us all a wonderful private tour of the beautiful chapel. Mr. Peabody left Tombstone after only a short stay here and went back to Boston where he established a private boys school - which still operates today. Mrs. Campbell is also from Boston - the pastor that married her was the son of Mr. Peabody. And here she is in Tombstone! And, as a special treat she played the church bells that are in the bell tower. They operate from a key board and so she was able to play a selected tune for us. After a delightful half hour in the church we went across the street for another private tour of the Jeff Milton house. Jim Morris purchased the 1880's house and is busy restoring the front parlor/dining area back to the original house. He has hand carved beautiful fretwork, restored the wainscoting and replaced the wall paper. The rooms were softly lit with original oil lamps. All in all the house is returning to its original gracious charm. Jeff Milton was a well-known and highly respected lawman on the Arizona/Mexico border and lived in Tombstone from the 1890's through the Ď20's. Then is was back to the museum for some refreshments out on the patio and on up to Emmett Kellyís house up on the hill overlooking Tombstone. This house was built in 1900 and used by the mine foreman, his wife and two small children. Sometime after 1900 a man came to the house and murdered the woman and both children. Small wonder it has become well known with the ghost hunters as a prime place to visit in Tombstone! We all up to stand on front porch to await some "action". Right away we all smelled cigar smoke. Well, we didnít get the usual manifestation - which is small pebble getting thrown at you, or the smell of her lilac perfume. But all in all - it was considered a great evening.











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